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for Facility Managers

Manage all the resources, equipment and assets related to your clients' infrastructure from a single place.

The satisfaction of your customers is closer than you imagine.

Offer your clients transparency in your management with Fracttal One

With Fracttal One you will be able to visualize the information, the indicators and you will have a channel of direct incidences of all your clients with which you will have the information at hand on the fulfillment of the times of completion of tasks, thus preventing the fines associated with the breach of the themselves.

Automate your preventive maintenance, stand out from the rest and get a greater number of clients with Fracttal.

Offer the best
maintenance service to your customers

Fracttal One is our smart maintenance software for Facility Management Providers

Know the status of the tasks and the situation of the equipment

Know the status of the tasks and the situation of the equipment

You will be able to know what tasks are being completed and their status, in real time. With the location checklist, your team will be able to signal the location where it is at that moment.

Manage your customer databases

Manage your customer databases

With Fracttal One, you will have all the maintenance information of your clients in one place. Make your queries, procedures and modifications, in real time and 100% mobile.

Complies with established contracts

Complies with established contracts

With Fracttal One you will be able to carry out an organized planning and make the team comply with it and with the agreements made with your clients and their stipulated times.

Have expiration dates, traceability and guarantees associated with infrastructures and equipment

Have expiration dates, traceability and guarantees associated with infrastructures and equipment

Keep an exhaustive control of all the documents you need to comply with ISO, IFS and BRC regulations.

Visualize the maintenance management of your clients with our BI Dashboard and interactive maps

Visualize the maintenance management of your clients with our BI Dashboard and interactive maps

Visualize your management data on a plan, site map, images or diagrams. Mark the assets in question and consult their history and the incidents that occur. Save time and improve process efficiency.

Loyalty of your customers

Loyalty of your customers

Offer your customers fidelity in the information of your maintenance, equipment movements, traceability and compliance.

Identify your assets by QR codes and NFC tags

Identify your assets by QR codes and NFC tags

Thanks to our QR codes and the NFC tags that you will place on your clients' equipment, you will carry out an exhaustive technical and commercial control of their guarantees, related documents, latest maintenance and features.

Carry out efficient asset management with Fracttal One


Return on investment


Improvement in team productivity


Savings in WO programming time


Saving time planning requirements


Source: Study carried out by Circular HR and Fundación Chile with Facility Management companies that work with Fracttal One.

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Differentiate yourself with Fracttal Sense asset monitoring

Fracttal Sense is our family of equipment with IoT technology and touch screen that will notify you of equipment incidents and create work requests linking them to your maintenance strategy.

Remotely check the status of your customers' equipment and send technicians to the site, before the incident occurs.


Clients who already worked with Fracttal

The importance of a CMMS maintenance software for buildings and offices

How can a maintenance software help in Facility Management?

Maintenance management software is an innovative digital solution that allows us to simplify and automate processes associated with the preparation and execution of the maintenance plan, generating accurate data to optimize decision-making.

The best systems of this type offer different functionalities such as:

• Total registration of physical assets.
• Control of suppliers.
• Human resources management.
• Inventory management.
• Management of maintenance expenses, budgets, emergencies and guarantees.
• Monitoring of KPIs for facilities administrator.
• Alerts or inspection of notifications of maintenance tasks.
• Internet of Things monitoring hardware and artificial intelligence that facilitate predictive maintenance.
• Maintenance plan task manager for buildings, with sorting options and the ability to reschedule and create work orders on a single screen.
• View of pending tasks and those in process, under review and completed.
• NFC tag scanning.
• Automation of management of notifications, processes and work assignments.
• Integration with other business software.

It should be noted that maintenance software for buildings must have a 100% responsive design, that is, one that allows us to work remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition, it must be easy to implement and have high usability rates so that those in charge of facility management do not have major problems with the start-up of the program and subsequent use of the functionalities.

By using it, you save time, reduce error margins and improve services and results associated with maintenance tasks. But it is not the only thing, since you also optimize decision-making thanks to facility management reports and indicators.

Undoubtedly, one of the best systems to execute the maintenance plan for buildings and facilities is Fracttal, cutting-edge software specially designed for the management and maintenance of assets in any type of industry and market.

What is a maintenance plan for buildings?

Basically, it is an action plan that, within an asset management model, defines the maintenance programs for buildings and facilities (their services), clearly identifying the periodic preventive, predictive and detection activities to be carried out.

In addition, it defines specific or approximate execution dates, frequencies, control variables, budget and specific procedures for each task.

In a few words, the maintenance plan for buildings condenses a series of tasks that must be carried out with a certain frequency to sustain the benefits that a building (of any type) integrates in the proper conditions of operability, hygiene and ornamentation. Hence, it is key in the facilities administrator area.

For what reason? When we have a good maintenance program for buildings and facilities, made up of absolutely necessary tasks, and we execute it to the letter, we increase the reliability and safety of assets - such as air conditioning, for example -, we improve the performance of facilities keys, we reduce emergency repairs, we save costs, among other benefits.

Fracttal is the Smart Maintenance solution

Evolve the maintenance of your company, facilitate work and take productivity to the next level.


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