Fracttal and Amazon Web Services

A key alliance to support asset management

We work closely with AWS to offer the best digital experience for the maintenance and management of assets in the market, with our leading platform and the world-class infrastructure of Amazon Web Services.

Fracttal and Amazon Web Services

Our AWS Cloud Solutions

Thanks to our alliance we can offer our solutions with a high degree of availability and security.
Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud service provider with a global presence.

Fracttal One - Maintenance management software

Maintenance management software

The best maintenance management platform. 100% mobile and responsive so you never lose control of maintenance management.

Fracttal Sense - IoT Devices


Listen to what your assets want to tell you. With Fracttal Sense there are multiple ways to measure, with the simplicity and ease of Fracttal products.

Connect all the tools you use with your team

Our API gives you the flexibility you need to communicate with Fracttal, allowing you to perform custom integrations and reports with different solutions.

Fracttal on AWS

Our smart maintenance management platform is in the cloud.
We believe that information is the most powerful tool for the efficiency of operations, so having information in real time is vital for Industry 5.0. Your maintenance managements have never been so easy! On any device, at any time, but with full access to all information, welcome to Fracttal.

Information protected

Working with AWS allows us to have the information in real time and backed up in the cloud, which allows the security that the information will always be available to our customers.

Information protected

Smart and reliable platform

At Fracttal we are able to bring new technologies to our clients, maintaining the reliability and availability of the system, which gives us time to improve our platform and make it very powerful for our customers, being able to incorporate new functionalities with focus on the product.

Smart and reliable platform

Customer experience

Having our platform hosted in the AWS Cloud enables a high degree of customer-centric user experience for our customers. Our team offers the best customer service with incidents, incorporations and support.

Thanks to the cloud, our customers can access the Fracttal platform from their smartphone and contact us, and many other available means of contact.

Experiencia del cliente

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