Smart Maintenance is also sustainable

Fracttal helps companies worldwide extend asset life and optimize energy consumption.

Sustainable maintenance has

multiple advantages

Waste reduction

Waste reduction

Maintenance management software helps apply preventive maintenance to equipment and machinery. It reduces waste generated by unforeseen incidents. With proper maintenance, it is possible to prevent machine and equipment waste completely.

Energy savings

Energy savings

Maintenance software, as well as condition-based maintenance, controls energy consumption and efficiently schedule equipment maintenance. Proper equipment operation ensures maximum efficiency.

Reduction of emissions and consumption

Reduction of emissions and consumption

Preventive maintenance of equipment and machinery helps ensure availability and reduce carbon emissions associated with inefficient operation and unexpected incidents.

Prolonging the life of equipment and machinery

Prolonging the life of equipment and machinery

By extending the life of equipment and machinery, less material is required for the manufacture of upgraded equipment, and less energy is required for transportation and disposal, reducing CO2 emissions

Procesos digitalizados

Digitalized processes

The use of digital tools improves maintenance processes and allows the team to stay connected and report their activities quickly. This reduces the amount of physical materials - paper, documents, and folders - traditionally used.

Optimization of resource use

Optimization of resource use

Predictive maintenance can help maximize resources such as water, energy, and materials. This minimizes the consumption of resources necessary to perform emergency repairs.

With the WOs generated digitally
through Fracttal One, tree cutting was avoided:

With the WOs generated digitally through Fracttal One, tree cutting was avoided
7,070,960 - 35,354,800 leaves (multiplied by 5, which is the average number of leaves each WO has) >> 4,160 trees in 2022
5,515,535 - 27,577,675 (multiplied by 5, which is the average leaves each WO has) >> 3,250 trees in 2021
3,174,343 - 15,871,715 (multiplied by 5, which is the average number of leaves each WO has) >> 1,870 trees in 2020


Each customer adds up

CO2 Emissions

Throughout these 3 years, our customers have avoided emitting 1,020 tons of CO2 into the environment.

Digitization of processes

With each newly acquired customer and digitization of processes, this number increases year after year.

Reducing carbon footprint

Together, we reduce industrial maintenance companies' carbon footprint worldwide.

Fracttal is the best maintenance and asset management solution with environmental responsibility

Be sustainable in your company


Increase financial

Adjust costs and improve return on investment while preserving assets' value without sacrificing the company's objectives regarding existing environmental requirements.

Improve services
and results

By ensuring effective asset performance, you can increase air conditioning quality, energy savings, and lighting efficiency.

Reduce environmental

Minimize waste and greenhouse gas emissions generated by equipment and machinery.

Make better

Have better decision-making processes, effectively balancing costs, risks, opportunities, and performance. Economic, environmental, and social sustainability work hand in hand.

More health and safety for workers

Sustainability focuses on worker health and safety, preventing accidents and improving working conditions. It increases productivity and reduces costs associated with work-related injuries and illnesses.


Reduce downtime and strengthen your company's reputation. Review and optimize process, procedure, and asset performance, ensuring better service to your customers.

Comply with regulations

Companies that apply sustainable maintenance practices comply with environmental regulations and avoid fines and sanctions.

Fracttal One is the leading asset management software

The complete solution for maintaining and managing your physical assets. Transform your company and improve your activities, saving up to 55% on maintenance costs.

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