All the power of the AIicon-ia in your maintenance operations

Simplify your work routine with the help of Fracttal One's Artificial Intelligence. 

Todo el poder de la IAicon-ia en tus operaciones de mantenimiento

Artificial intelligence in your maintenance management

Harness the full potential of Artificial Intelligence to understand the state of your assets, execute operations,
analyze key data and KPI’s to optimize your maintenance strategies.

Tony is your assistant in Fracttal One

Do you have any doubt about a maintenance process? Ask Tony anything you want, your assistant in Fracttal One powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Implement predictive maintenance strategies

Forecast the reliability of your equipment to predict incidents, prevent disruptions in your processes and maximize the lifespan of your assets.

Más IA, más mantenimiento inteligente

More AI, more intelligent maintenance Inteligencia Artificial


Automatic assistance in your operations

Designed to anticipate your needs and assist you at every step. Plan and optimize maintenance personnel schedules and routes.

Perfect balance in your inventory

Receive quick and accurate responses to all your operational queries, facilitating problem resolution.

Comprehensive maintenance analysis and reports

Gain advanced insights to deeply understand crucial aspects of your operations.

Interview with Christian Struve, CEO of Fracttal

Transforming industrial maintenance with Articial Intelligence

"With AI, we not only simplify daily tasks, but elevate them with advanced analysis and forecasting capabilities, opening up a new world of possibilities in maintenance operational management".