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Fracttal One

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Comprehensive control of maintenance operations, mobility and interoperability.

Fractal One adapts to your needs to achieve maximum reliability and availability of your assets.

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Asset management and Human Resources

Asset management and Human Resources

Elevate your asset organization game with our intuitive system.

Work order management and tasks

Work order management and tasks

Achieve maintenance excellence by planning, documenting, and completing tasks.

Maintenance requests

Maintenance requests

Facilitate connections with your environment and empower your collaborators.

Stock management

Stock management

Take charge of your resources and materials. Effectively manage your supplies and their costs.

Smart automations

Smart automations

Enhance communication and collaboration between your team, clients, and suppliers.

Compatibility with IoT sensors

Compatibility with IoT sensors

Keep a watchful eye on your assets and systems with our monitoring and analysis services.

Operational control and SLA

Operational control and SLA

Effortlessly create panels and access various reports to analyze your own KPIs.

Integration and data security

Integration and data security

Transform your business with enhanced collaboration and streamlined data management.

Fracttal One is

Mobile First


The information you need to operate and take decisions from any device

Fracttal One
Fracttal One
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Fracttal One consistently offers you the greatest advantages

Fracttal One consistently offers you the greatest advantages

  • Managers


    • Real-time information about all your assets.

    • Analysis of your management through Business Intelligence (economic, technical and requests).

    • Access from any place and device.

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  • Technicians


    • Complete work orders quickly and easily.

    • Technical manuals are attached to the WO.

    • Quickly identify your assets in the field through QR codes or NFC tags.

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  • Planners


    • Order and plan your maintenance activities.

    • Monitor procedure status.

    • Manage the resources used in maintenance.

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  • Workers


    • Easily report incidents in your assets.

    • Verify the reported failure status in real time.

    • Rate the maintenance work performed.



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What exactly is maintenance software like Fracttal One?

Fracttal One is an innovative asset management solution that, by integrating the benefits of CMMS or CMMS maintenance management software and EAM business asset management, with the mobility of an APP and the immediacy of the Internet of Things, allows you to offers control of all your company's assets in one place.

Fracttal One is a comprehensive, modern, secure, intuitive, easy-to-use and 100% cloud platform, designed to offer you control over all your company's assets, facilitating your work and offering you a pleasant user experience, at any time and from anywhere.

With Fracttal One, companies can plan, organize and execute the maintenance of all types of equipment, supplier control, human resources management, parts and spare parts inventory management, maintenance expenses, budget management, emergencies and guarantees. All this with powerful statistical indicators and KPIs, in a friendly and fast web interface.

Fracttal One has an APP designed to offer staff who constantly work outside the facilities, a tool to instantly access maintenance or inspection routes, receive alerts and perform tasks through their mobile devices.


In what type of companies can Fracttal One be implemented?

Fracttal One adheres to the ISO 55000 standard and implements the best practices for businesses of all sizes and industries, including manufacturing, service providers, mining, facilities management, healthcare, transportation, construction, public sector, and more.

Whether your company relies on proper asset maintenance and control, Fracttal One is the affordable and user-friendly maintenance solution you've been searching for.

What kind of assets can be managed with Fracttal One?

Fracttal One is a versatile maintenance platform that caters to all types and sizes of physical assets. It helps to prolong the life cycle of any facility, as well as electric, mechanical and electronic assets and their components. With Fracttal One, you can reduce corrective maintenance and implement preventive and even predictive maintenance plans by constantly tracking, collecting, transmitting and organizing critical data on the assets' conditions and operations.

Generally, a company's physical assets can be grouped into four major categories, and Fracttal One helps you manage them all:

• Plant and Production Assets: These include companies involved in the manufacturing of consumer goods of any kind, as well as gas, oil, chemicals, mining, electronics, pharmaceuticals and food processing.

• Infrastructure Assets: These include highways, railways, telecommunications, water and sewage systems, and electricity and gas distribution networks.

• Transportation Assets: These include any fleet of vehicles for the distribution of goods, military transport, public transport, truck fleets, air fleets, among others.

• Real Estate (Facilities) Assets: These include schools, hospitals, offices, clinics, buildings, plants, and any other type of installations.

Fracttal One is a maintenance program that offers a comprehensive approach to managing business assets. It doesn't just control assets contained within those groups, such as industrial equipment, motors, air conditioning units, compressors, looms, vehicles, agricultural machinery, tractors, concrete mixers, buses, boilers, chillers, boats, planes, wineries, power plants, turbines, buildings, elevators, escalators, hotels, hospitals, and services. It also integrates the ability to gather and organize all necessary data for efficient human resources management, as well as planning and executing work plans that increase process efficiency and productivity levels in the company.

I currently use Excel. What benefits would I get with Fracttal One?

Fracttal One is an indispensable asset management solution for any company, designed to efficiently update and utilize the vast amount of information that must be documented and readily available. With precise scientific and statistical indices, Fracttal One eliminates the margin of error and human error associated with manual control, enabling effective asset management, evidence-based decision-making, and eliminating the need for paper-based work orders.

Fracttal One ensures operational continuity of business assets by anticipating failures and shutdowns, managing everything from simple inspection routines, periodic maintenance, adjustments, lubrication, and part replacements to real-time condition monitoring enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). By managing preventive maintenance tasks, Fracttal One reduces the risk of production downtime caused by faulty parts due to a lack of maintenance, minimizing losses and boosting productivity.

Fracttal One also prolongs the lifespan of corporate assets, maintains or elevates production quality and standards, and reduces the risk of workplace accidents. Its intuitive user experience reduces the need for training, organizes workforce efficiency, and facilitates essential statistical management to increase productivity levels. By analyzing and observing statistics, it's possible to establish direct correlations between losses and the effectiveness of certain equipment, work methods, or production strategies. Effective management of this information is vital to taking corrective action to modify processes and improve product and service quality. Fracttal One is a comprehensive solution that makes all of this possible and more.

Therefore, it's essential for organizations of any size and type to rely on solutions such as Fracttal One, which make it possible to control the entire asset lifecycle and plan for each activity of every component.

How much does maintenance software like Fracttal One cost?

Fracttal One is a revolutionary SaaS software that offers a monthly subscription model based on the chosen plan.

Our solution combines the functional features of high-end software that costs thousands of dollars, but at an incredibly low subscription fee.

By subscribing to Fracttal One, you can save thousands of dollars in asset management and potentially millions in productivity loss prevention due to unplanned equipment downtime. It's also designed for mobile devices and remote workers, making the user experience simple, easy-to-use, and deploy.

For more information on our pricing plans, check out our Plans section.

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