The Way Maintenance Software Should Be

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Fracttal is a cloud-based maintenance management solution (cloud CMMS) that helps you keep your company's equipment, facilities, vehicles and goods in optimal running condition in order to maximize their benefits. Gain control over your stock purchases, inventory levels and inventory management costs, while improving the productivity of your team.

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The Way Maintenance Software Should Be
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An all-in-one solution for your asset and maintenance management needs

fully cloud-based EAM/ CMMS software solution

100% in the cloud

Fracttal is a fully cloud-based EAM/ CMMS software solution. This means, you can access your data from anywhere in the world from any internet enabled device while we take care of all the software updates, IT infrastructure, hosting, security and back-ups for the system.

manage and interact with your assets and maintenance activities

Industry 4.0

Gearing up for Industry 4.0? Fracttal was built from the ground up with this in mind and can help you enter the world of digital transformation. Transform the way you manage and interact with your assets and maintenance activities in this new age.

Manage your maintenance activities across multiple teams

Single Management Tool

Manage your maintenance activities across multiple teams, facilities, departments and equipment, all from a central tool and database. See information and equipment health from multiple sites in real-time.

make more informed decisions based on data

KPI Dashboard

Gain insights into your maintenance data like never before with our integrated KPI dashboard. Allowing you to make more informed decisions based on data and ensuring you know what is going on across all your sites.

Better control over your assets and information

Fracttal allows you to record all the information associated with your assets and facilities, historical data, multiple codes, custom fields, depreciation, vendors, parts and supplies, asset documentation including effective warranty management.

Better Control Over Assets and Info-1

Asset register

Quickly and easily import your assets from CSV or Excel files to help you migrate your data from any other maintenance and asset management software solution. Build out your asset hierarchy to fit your requirements and easily clone existing records for quicker onboarding of new equipment.

Asset Register-1

Maintenance and planning calendar

View all your planned and upcoming work on the maintenance calendar to help you better balance and prioritize assigned maintenance staff workloads. Immediately identify where there are double bookings or overcommitted team members. The maintenance planning calendar allows you to view planned maintenance tasks by asset/ location/ site as well as see all the planned work by team member. Use the built-in advance filters to drill down into your planned work and group it by maintenance type or any custom group applied.

Maintenance and Planning Calendar-1

Easier task management

The Kanban view allows you quickly and easily focus your work order administration efforts where it’s needed, giving you the flexibility to drag work orders between various stages. Using the work order Kanban will help you save time, increase productivity and improve efficiency when closing work orders so that you can focus on sorting out other issues.

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Recently named as a FrontRunner® for Facilities & Maintenance Management

Fracttal was built and designed with our customers in mind. Our philosophy has and always will be adding value to our customers and solving real problems through technology for our users. We strive to be pragmatic with our approach, thus three of our key focus areas are:

  • User experience

    Fracttal was designed to be intuitive and easy to use without compromising on advanced features and system intelligence. According to a study by Forrester™, 4 out of 5 CMMS implementations fail due to system complexity. With Fracttal you get all the features you need without a complex user experience.

  • Workforce mobility

    Truly mobilize your maintenance team with the Fracttal mobile app for Android™ and iOS™. Gone are the days of managers and planners being stuck behind towers of paperwork. The Fracttal mobile app allows your team to complete and report on work orders, capture machine meter readings on the fly and log breakdowns all from the palm of their hand.

  • Maintenance digitization

    Fracttal is at the forefront of helping our customers enter this new era of maintenance. By applying our state-of-the-art technologies we help customers adapt to this change in the way they manage their equipment and maintenance activities. Fracttal offers customers access to a unique integrated, mobile, IoT and big data approach that allows you to unlock real value from your assets.

Fracttal CMMS is the all-in-one solution for asset and maintenance management that you have been waiting for

Let us help you better manage your business, and keep your equipment, facilities, vehicles and goods in optimal condition in order to maximise their benefits.

Improve your work force's efficiency as well as properly managing your inventor levels, stock purchases and overall maintenance spend.

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Fracttal CMMS

The # 1 cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software, available on any internet enabled device 24/7. Fracttal allows your team to be more productive, assists in avoiding failures and reduces your company’s overall maintenance spend.

Fracttal allows your team to be more productive

Fracttal Box

Predictive maintenance at your fingertips. Now you can leverage the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) in your company by connecting all your business assets to the internet and converting the information gathered into relevant actions that improve your operations.

Predictive maintenance at your fingertips

Fracttal On Board

Monitoring your vehicles has never been so easy. Get relevant and easy to understand information about the behavior and condition of your vehicles, run and dispatch tasks in real-time, reduce accidents and failures; Increasing the productivity of your fleet like never before.

Increasing the productivity of your fleet like never before

Fracttal, the Leader in Asset Management Software


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Manage your maintenance with a World Class tool

Fracttal was designed to add value to any organizations' maintenance strategy. Our solutions align to your business reality and we have seen successes in multiple different verticals. Discover how we address industry specific needs:

Industry Solutions

What our customers say

Our best presentation is our clients, who have improved their maintenance management with the powerful tools provided by Fracttal.

Red Megacentro

icon our customers

I totally recommend Fracttal. Because the software covers all needs for all types of business' with various maintenance plans. It exceeded our expectations, because it makes our work look more organized and the gathering of information is more accurate, it also helps me with work order and process traceability. Everything is more organized.


icon our customers

Fracttal solved our issue with manual job plans and our digital recording processes. In the past we had to use pen and paper and none of our plans were digitized, there were endless piles of papers. With Fracttal, we now have all our maintenance data stored online and can access our process data from anywhere. I definitely recommend it as well as making use of their mobile aplication.

Pontifical Catholic University

icon our customers

I recommend Fracttal because now I can actually use my maintenance history and I can easily view reports related to my economical and technical analysis. Fracttal's KPI measures also give me a good idea of the status of my maintenance department.


icon our customers

Working with Fracttal has been an excellent experience, we have optimized our maintenance plans and we are currently enhancing our graphics using integrating Fracttal with Power BI, with which we are very pleased, Fracttal also has a good support team, always attentive to help.

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Fracttal brings value to companies of any industry and / or sector

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