Technology to eliminate failures, adjust costs, minimize risks and maximize operations. The future of maintenance is at Fracttal.





Improved equipment productivity


Time saving in WO programming


Time savings in requirements planning

Control your operations digitally, generate reports for audits,
Monitor your assets in real-time and integrate all the information to make your maintenance management more efficient.

Fracttal One
Artificial Intelligence in maintenance management

Smart assistant

Tony is your maintenance assistant at Fracttal One. Ask your questions, and he will help you optimize your daily work.

Predictive maintenance

Predict the performance of your assets and extend their lifecycle. Anticipate setbacks and avoid unforeseen downtime.

Designed for maintenance personnel

Managers, planners and technicians find in the software specific functionalities for each role that help them face their challenges.

Maximum connectivity to work from anywhere

Reflect your operations digitally even offline. All information is automatically updated in the software.

Mobile First

Designed for managing operations on any device and from wherever you want. Work offline in places with poor coverage.

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Mobile First

Integrate Fracttal One into your entire business

The information you need, connected to work in an interoperable way. Check the status of data transmissions, in a couple of clicks.

Fracttal is a SAP-Silver-Partner

The security of your information is guaranteed

SGS ISO 27001 - AWS Partner

Fracttal Sense:
IoT devices

Get data from your machinery in real-time. Our IoT devices monitor various variables to improve the reliability of your maintenance equipment.

Fracttal Sense: IoT devices
Hospitales y empresas de salud


Monitors the cold chain to maintain and guarantee the quality of resources such as vaccines and health products sensitive to temperature changes.

Empresas de alimentación


Monitors environmental conditions to take advantage of maximum availability and guarantee product quality.

Mantenimiento industrial


Controls the operation of production machines to guarantee their availability, schedule tasks and avoid stoppages in operations.

Empresas de energía


It measures energy consumption and the operation of the main components of electrical installations to reduce and optimize the use of resources.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Monitors assets that are located in places that are difficult to access. Fracttal Sense transmits data without the need for you to be present on site.

Empresas de servicios

Empresas de servicios

Ofrece servicios de alta calidad y mejora la experiencia de usuario de tus clientes al controlar, en todo momento, el estado de la maquinaria.

24/7 Support 

Fracttal One is an easy to use tool and has
with a solid support team working for you.

Soporte 24/7

Agile implementation + onboarding

The support team accompanies you throughout the software implementation and integration process.

We are here to help you

Access our chat and support team resources through the main menu within the software.

Available resources
for your learning

Webinars, online classes, and expert help sessions to learn more about Fracttal One and the latest maintenance technologies.
Maintenance with Fracttal is sustainable

Maintenance with Fracttal is sustainable

The virtual maintenance encyclopedia

The virtual maintenance encyclopedia

Smart Maintenance for Everyone