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Fracttal One and Google Sheets Integration

Connect Fracttal One to Google Sheets. Automate the two-way transfer of information between the different modules of Fracttal One and your Google Sheets tables in just a few clicks.

Data shared in the integration

Details and data flows between Fracttal One and Google Sheets

Google Sheets data Direction Fracttal One
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Warehouses and Purchase Orders 
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Work Orders
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Third-party Information
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Material Requests
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Work Requests
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Human Resources
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Service Requests
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Equipments and Locations
Tables files flecha-ambos-lados Meters

Compatible Plans: 

Starter, Pro and Enterprise.

Integration available on:

Spanish, english, portuguese (EU), portuguese (BR), french and italian.


Have a Google Sheets account. Check more information here.

Common uses of the integration

Shared data between Fracttal One and Google Sheets

This integration significantly reduces the need of manual exports in CSV/Excel to extract data from Fracttal One or to update information in Fracttal modules.


Update your catalogs in Fracttal One directly from Google Sheets. Any modification made to your spreadsheets are instantly reflected in the corresponding catalogs in Fracttal One, eliminating the need for manual updates. This way, you can efficiently and seamlessly synchronize your data in Google Sheets and Fracttal One.


Additionally, you can ensure that your spreadsheets are constantly update with the latest information from Fracttal One.


With Google Sheets you will be able to migrate all the information of your databases and Google Sheets documents to Fracttal One in a comprehensive manner. Additionally, you can:


  • Real-time update assets catalogs, human resources and third-parties.
  • Create assets and update information about your equipment and their locations.
  • Create new human resources and update your personnel information.
  • Create third parties and update information about your suppliers and clients.
  • Carry out complex warehouse operations swiftly, such as:
    -Inventory adjustments.
    -Bulk loadind of spare parts.
    -Warehouses entries and exits.
    -Updating information about purchase orders and resources uses in work orders.
    -Material requests or requisitions and return requests.

  • Update information regarding work requests (dates, status, description, responsible parties, urgency level and others)
  • Update information about your work orders (total cost information of the work order, responsible parties, status, information about the asset to be repaired or maintained, notes and much more)

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