Full control of

Plan, coordinate and control maintenance activities. Ensure proper asset functioning and maximum operational availability.

Full control of your plans

Maintenance Planning with Artificial Intelligence

Boosts plans to improve efficiency and accuracy. With Fracttal One's predictive maintenance, industrial maintenance operations will transition from reactive to predictive.


Detailed plans. Strategic execution

Maximize productivity, minimize downtime and optimize available resources. Make sure activities are scheduled and executed on time.

Detailed plans. Strategic execution

High performance. Always on time

Collect and analyze data related to maintenance activities to assess performance, identify trends and make evidence-based decisions.

High performance. Always on time

Continuous improvement

Look for opportunities to improve maintenance processes. identify and implement
best practices, update standard operating procedures and optimize maintenance schedules.

Connect machine variables to your plan and automate processes
Connect machine variables to your plan and automate processes

Mobile First

Designed for managing operations on any device and from wherever you want. Work offline in places with poor coverage.

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Mobile First

Our most requested integrations

Fracttal One integrates with all the softwares, ERPs and applications you
need. Look at the details of our most requested integrations.


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Google Sheets

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Fracttal Sense:
IoT devices

Get data from your machinery in real-time. Our IoT devices monitor various variables to improve the reliability of your maintenance equipment.

Fracttal Sense: IoT devices

24/7 Support 

Fracttal One is an easy to use tool and has
with a solid support team working for you.

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Agile implementation + onboarding

The support team accompanies you throughout the software implementation and integration process.

We are here to help you

Access our chat and support team resources through the main menu within the software.

Available resources
for your learning

Webinars, online classes, and expert help sessions to learn more about Fracttal One and the latest maintenance technologies.

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