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Integrate Fracttal One with Oracle

Integrate your Oracle ERP with Fracttal One. Automate bidirectional data transfer, keeping your maintenance management information updated in both systems.

Shared data in the integration

Data flow between Fracttal One and Oracle

Oracle Direction Fracttal One



Equipment, locations and spare parts flecha-ambos-lados Assets
Suppliers flecha-derecha Creation/Updates of third parties
Material requests flecha-izquierda Material requisitions
Material returns flecha-izquierda Maintenance completion
Technical and Maintenance staff flecha-derecha Human resources
Work order costs flecha-izquierda Work orders

Compatible plans: 

Starter, Pro and Enterprise.

Integration available in:

Spanish, english, portuguese (EU), portuguese (BR), french and italian.


Web Services (Rest or SOAP) connection or database.

Integrated processes

Simplify your maintenance management and ensure constant information updating.

The processes you can integrate are:


Warehouse information

  • Replicate in Fracttal One the information about spare parts or components from Oracle, including stock, costs and new items.
  • Generate material requisitions in the ERP, based on the spare parts requested by the thechnicians in Fracttal One.
  • Update in Fracttal One the delivered quantity according to the real information provided by Oracle.
  • Create return requests in Oracle for unused resources as recorded in Fracttal One.


Work order information
  • Replicate in Oracle the work orders created in Fracttal One.
  • Insert the identifier of the Oracle work orders into the notes of the work orders in Fracttal One.
  • Include in the work orders of Oracle the resources and costs used in the work orders of Fracttal One.
  • Close the work orders when they have been completed in Fracttal One.


Work request information

  • Automate the generation of work requests in Fracttal One with the information provided from notifications/alarms in Oracle.
  • Provide real-time updates on the status of the work request in Fracttal One, facilitating agile tracking and effective closure of events/alarms.

Human resources information

  • Keep human resources information synchronized on both platforms.
  • Edit or disable human resources information in your ERP so that the actions are replicated in Fracttal One.

Third-party information

  • Keep the list of third parties and their services synchronized on both platforms.
  • Create, edit or disable a third party and/or its service in your ERP, so that the actions are replicated in Fracttal One.

Service request information

  • Automatically and in real-time communicate to your ERP the need to acquire a categorized service provided by a third party in a work order in Fracttal One.

Equipment and location information

  • Synchronize the information and status of equipment and their locations between both platforms.
  • When creating or updating information about equipment and/or a location in your ERP, this action is replicated in Fracttal One.

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