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OEE:Where Quality Meets Asset Performance & Productive Operations

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a well-known, well documented performance metric and is today part of the Lean or Agile organisation’s ‘tools’ which impact both the Asset Performance ...

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Challenges faced by Maintenance Managers

Maintenance managers perform a highly complex range of tasks. Both the productivity and generation of value within asset intensive organizations depend on effective maintenance management programs ...

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Autonomous Maintenance - Get the benefit from your operators of Improved Uptime and Throughput

Autonomous maintenance (AM) is performed by the operators and not by dedicated maintenance technicians. It is a crucial component of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). The core idea of autonomous ...

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KPI Dashboard

Essential Performance Indicators provided by a CMMS

Key Performance Indicators KPIs: are quantification and assessment tools, which help us measure the performance of different types of processes, to determine their effectiveness and compliance or not ...

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Predictive Maintenance

Maximize Your ROI with Fracttal IoT and Predictive Maintenance

John Smith runs an advanced manufacturing engineering jobbing shop with a number of sophisticated CNC machines in operation. His, like many organizations in asset-intensive industries are constantly ...

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How a CMMS impacts the financial statements of a company

The high levels of automation incorporated into the different processes of the company, have forever transformed the focus and importance of asset management and maintenance. From the manufacturing ...

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The 9 most important applications of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Opinion Piece: The Internet of Things, or IoT for its acronym in English ( Internet of Things ), is a term that refers to the connection of objects to each other and to humans through the Internet. ...

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How to Prioritize Maintenance Work Orders

What is a Work Order Priority? The Maintenance Planner faces a daily process of balancing out the resources available based on the demand from Operations and Maintenance on how to achieve the best ...

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