Fracttal One lands on the SAP Store: we are Silver Partners

We are SAP Silver Partners. Our Maintenance Management software has been officially certified by SAP and is available in the SAP® Store, the online store for SAP products and its partners. The new integration of Fracttal One with SAP is presented as a revolutionary collaboration that brings new perspectives to the way in which companies manage their assets and carry out their maintenance operations. You want to know more? Keep reading!

What being a SAP Silver Partner means?

From now on, all actions carried out within Fracttal One will be automatically reflected in SAP ERP, making possible a much more agile, mobile and fluid integration between both software.

Fracttal One is a robust CMMS solution that offers complete Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Now, you already have Fracttal One in the SAP Store, a fact that represents a significant advance in improving maintenance processes. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of this integration, its implications and how to add value to your operations with this innovation.

About the integration

Maintenance efficiency relies, to a large extent, on a timely availability of spare parts and components. Thanks to the integration, it is possible to effectively replicate information about these pieces from SAP ERP to the Fracttal One ecosystem.

Optimization of spare parts management through warehouse integration

This secure and fluid data transfer eliminates the need for manual intervention, reducing error rates, increasing precision in asset management and enabling complete and exhaustive integration of warehouse modules.

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Spare parts and component information is automatically replicated from the ERP to Fracttal One

Material requests: a step towards precision

Maintenance operations rely heavily on material requests, as they allow inventory control. Through this integration, companies are able to directly generate material requests from Fracttal One work orders (WO) based on spare parts requests. The collaboration assures that maintenance teams have the necessary materials at the right time, resulting in a significant reduction in downtime, an improvement in operational efficiency, and an increase in profitability.

blog hub + sap infografia 2Reserve your material in SAP from the spare parts requested in the Fracttal One WO's.

blog hub + sap infografia 3Quantities are automatically updated in Fracttal One according to the material delivered in SAP

blog hub + sap infografia 4Creating automatic return material requests in SAP to make inventory adjustments

Real-time updates for better decision-making

In the field of asset management, the availability of real-time information is essential. Fracttal One's SAP integration allows it to keep material quantities in work orders (WO) updated. Whether managing spare parts, tracking component usage or optimizing inventory, this functionality allows maintenance teams to access up-to-date information at their fingertips. Making informed decisions about asset maintenance has never been easier.

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Generating material requisitions in Fracttal One to create a purchase request

Various types of solutions and wide compatibility

Fracttal One's integration with SAP offers extensions and add-ons specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of the maintenance industry. Whether you use SAP ERP, Private Cloud Edition, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Collaborative E-Care Management, SAP Business One or SAP Integration Suite, this integration covers a broad spectrum of SAP solutions. Its ability to efficiently adapt to diverse business environments highlights its relevance in different asset management contexts.

Advantages of Fracttal One and SAP integration

Compliance with the ISO 27001 standard: The security of your data, guaranteed

Data security and information integrity are key aspects in any business environment. In this sense, the integration supports compliance with ISO 27001, a standard that establishes guidelines for "Information Security Management". Obtaining ISO 27001 certification validates that the integrated solution follows internationally recognized best practices in information security, thus providing the guarantee that your data will remain confidential and protected.

One step closer to efficiency and precision

In a time where every minute of downtime translates into losses, the integration of Fracttal One with SAP comes at a strategic moment. By offering a comprehensive solution, this collaboration presents itself as an essential opportunity for companies seeking to refine their maintenance management capabilities, optimize operations, and maximize resources.

The integration is poised to transform the way companies approach maintenance. This solution emerges as a crucial tool, providing maintenance teams with real-time information, reducing administrative burdens, and enabling precision in spare parts management. Furthermore, its compatibility with various SAP solutions makes it accessible to companies across sectors, contributing to more efficient and accurate administration.

The future of maintenance management

In summary, the integration of Fracttal One with SAP represents a significant advancement in maintenance management. Its ability to replicate data on spare parts, facilitate material requests, and provide real-time updates brings efficiency and precision to maintenance operations. Additionally, by complying with ISO 27001 standards, information security and confidentiality are ensured.

By incorporating this integration, you are not only adopting a robust maintenance management solution but also investing in the future of your company. Maintenance operations become more efficient, profitable, and precise, positioning your organization at the forefront of the asset management sector. This step not only consolidates current operations but also establishes the foundation for sustainable growth and ongoing success in the business realm.

Are you ready to enhance your maintenance management?

If you are prepared to advance in asset maintenance management, we encourage you to explore the integration of Fracttal One with SAP available on the SAP Store. Dive into the future experience of maintenance management and discover how your operations are empowered like never before. Get ready to optimize your processes!