Fracttal secures $10 million investment to transform the future of physical asset maintenance

We are thrilled to share this great news with you! At Fracttal, we have successfully closed a $10 million investment round with the goal of transforming the future of physical asset maintenance.

Leading this investment is Kayyak Ventures, one of the most active venture capital firms in the Latin American investment ecosystem, complemented by GoHub Ventures, our current investor who continues to support us, along with the collaboration of Amador Holdings. Furthermore, strengthening this round is the strategic funding from BBVA Spark, the unit dedicated to financing high-impact companies within the BBVA banking conglomerate. This funding complements the initial investment from Seaya, which remains a solid pillar of support for Fracttal as we advance into our next phase of growth.

Christian Struve explains, "Today, we hold undisputed leadership in maintenance management solutions in Latin America and are positioned among the best globally, providing support to thousands of companies in managing millions of assets. As we enter an exciting growth phase, our focus is on accelerating the delivery of unparalleled innovation to our customers. Our conviction is strengthened by an exceptional team, strategic partners, and visionary investors. Together, we are prepared to lead our global expansion, driven by our mission to reinvent maintenance to promote a more sustainable, secure, and efficient world."

Our goal with this investment is to have the necessary financial backing to carry out our objectives precisely, achieving a balance between efficient capital growth and finding ideal partners. With all of this, our growth in Europe and Latin America is solidified, reinforcing the leadership we hold in the industry.

Cristóbal Silva, Partner at Kayyak Ventures, highlights: "Fracttal's strong financial performance, combined with its leadership in usability and engagement, demonstrates the value the company brings to its customers. Fracttal offers an essential solution that is at the convergence of global trends, such as cost reduction using IoT and AI technology, improvements in connectivity, and a focus on sustainability. Through the use of diverse data sets and an active user community, Fracttal is strengthening its leadership position in the maintenance management sector, both in Latin America and globally."

According to Inés Calabuig, Managing Partner of GoHub Ventures: "We are fully committed to Fracttal due to its remarkable ability to stand out in an intensely competitive market. Since its inception, the startup has successfully attracted clients from various sectors in multiple countries and has cultivated a dedicated and diligent team. At GoHub Ventures, we firmly believe that Fracttal is poised to become the benchmark for SaaS maintenance in Europe, and this funding round will allow them to consolidate their market-leading position."

Our flagship product: Fracttal One


Fracttal One allows businesses of any size or industry to smoothly manage maintenance operations for various types of assets, such as equipment, vehicles, machinery, or facilities, remotely from any device. Our maintenance software, recognized as a leader in the world's most prestigious rankings, promotes real-time collaboration among diverse teams and seamlessly integrates with any industrial solution or ERP system. Fracttal One improves decision-making, enhances efficiency, and extends the lifespan of physical assets. Simultaneously, it mitigates unplanned incidents and downtime that can lead to high costs, profit losses, and accidents.

Moreover, with our IoT monitoring devices, Fracttal Sense, our customers can now enjoy even more innovations. In recent months, we have introduced our Artificial Intelligence-powered maintenance solution, Fracttal AI, which enables companies to anticipate failure conditions with unparalleled precision, making maintenance operations smarter than ever. We also present Fracttal Hub, the tool that facilitates agile integrations between Fracttal One and other software and ERPs used by our customers.

In a broad and constantly expanding market, Fracttal is at the forefront of cutting-edge technological trends, such as cost reduction through IoT implementation, advances in connectivity, data management, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities.

"We consider Fracttal's technology 'indispensable' rather than 'optional.' Companies must effectively manage the maintenance of their assets and equipment to ensure their longevity, reduce downtime, and maximize operational efficiency. Without a proper maintenance system, companies face the risk of costly repairs, unplanned shutdowns, decreased productivity, and potential safety threats. With Fracttal, companies manage their maintenance programs, monitor the health of their assets, and detect potential issues in the early stages, avoiding significant long-term complications", emphasizes Cristóbal Silva, Partner at Kayyak Ventures.

We deeply thank all those who trust us in various ways and help us grow continually. First and foremost, our investors, as well as our partners and collaborators, the members of the Fracttal team, and the members of our community who do not miss any of our initiatives. Together, we make this possible and continue to reach new heights year after year.

For a world where Maintenance is Intelligent, sustainable, safe, and efficient.

Onward! 🚀🚀