The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) in your company, today

Gather information on the behavior and performance of your assets in real time, improve decision making and generate actions relevant to your business automatically. Technology at the service of your company.

Fracttal Box takes your business into the future, allowing the communication of the state of your business assets and to monitor them in real time, establishing rules that improve your productivity and maintenance

Some advantages of using Fracttal Box

Condition Monitoring

Monitoring of any variable such as temperature, humidity, amperage, vibration in any type of physical asset.

Asset Tracking

GPS tracking allows you to detect asset movements, track asset locations and create virtual geographic boundaries for your assets using our geo-fencing capabilities.

Remote Maintenance

Schedule maintenance cycles, detect or predict failures, know the service levels of the asset.

Fully Plug & Play

Using Fracttal IoT is so simple, you can configure it in less than 5 minutes.

Full Storage

Fracttal IoT, stores all the information you want about your asset.

Connect Any Device

You can connect Fracttal IoT to any physical asset. In addition we have APIs to connect to external measurement devices.

All your assets connected to the best platform

Converts the collected data into relevant actions.

Monitors any variable like temperature, humidity, amperage, vibration in any type of physical asset. Determine different action plans. Schedule the necessary changes in coordination with maintenance management.

About Fracttal Asset Cloud
Connect, collect and transmit real-time information on the status and performance of your assets


The latest technology at the service of your company

Each component of our device is designed to provide the highest transmission reliability and durability. Allowing you to schedule remote operation or gather and know critical data about your status and performance. The internet of things at the service of your company.

Hundreds of companies already monitor their physical assets in real time

Paper? Never again!!

Stop managing your activities inefficiently through paper and focus the effort of your team on activities more relevant to your organization.

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  • – Information about your physical assets in real time.
  • – Use your human resources on more important tasks
  • – Analysis of graphs, reports, statistics and KPIs
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  • 512 Bytes transmission
  • Always conected
  • Unlimited task triggers
  • Performance statistics
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