Fracttal API Terms and Conditions



Last updated: October 21, 2022.

* This policy was originally drafted in Spanish. In case of discrepancies between the original and a translated version, the original in Spanish will prevail over the others.



1circle Welcolme to FRACTTAL


Welcome to the terms and conditions of THE FRACTTAL API, owned by FRACTTAL Tech S.L, a Spanish company identified with the tax number NIF: B-42756734.


These rules are complementary to the terms and conditions of our services and apply to the use of Fracttal API by users or third parties.  

2circle Definitions

Fracttal API, refers to all the information and functionality that the Fracttal API has on its website


Fracttal API user, Single Fracttal User assigned to a company to make use of fracttal API Services. 


Third parties (Developer), Developers or developers of websites or applications who, under the authorization of a Fracttal User, have access to the Fracttal API.

3circle Availability

The Fracttal API service is available for plans that offer Integration APIs, which you can learn here.


The Fracttal API is available in two modalities:


  • Fracttal API Basic that has no additional cost to the value of the plan to which you are enrolled.
  • Fracttal API Advanced that offers advanced features and is marketed as a complement.

4circle REST web services e formato JSON

By using the Fracttal API, you acknowledge and accept that the FRACTTAL API is based on REST web services and the data transfer format it supports is JSON. All responses are sent in JSON format, and therefore requests must also be sent in this format.


By using the Fracttal API, you recognize and allow Fracttal to define or modify the maximum number of requests you can make through our services. The current usage limits for Fracttal API are 200 requests per minute. If there is a change in these values, you will be notified in advance.

5circle What is REST?

REST is a set of operations that apply to all standard HTTP features. By itself, it defines a small set of operations, of which the most important are POST, GET, PUT and DELETE.


These will be equipped for CRUD operations on databases, so by using the Fracttal API, you accept the responsibility of being able to create, read, update or delete any information from your database.

6circle Responsibility

By using the Fracttal API, you are solely responsible for your use and development of programs, including, loss or damage of data due to its malfunction, maintenance, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and all materials appearing there.


Fracttal does not offer or warrant any availability in the operation of applications developed by you or third parties (Developer) of Fracttal API services.


You are solely responsible for providing any technical support or maintenance in your Applications.

7circle Fracttal User Responsibility

If you are a Fracttal User and allow a third party (Developer) to access the integration APIs to develop any application for use, these terms apply to you and third parties and are mandatory for both.

8circle Information protection

Fracttal guarantees the protection of your information in our Fracttal API service.


If you wish to allow access to your data by third parties (Developer), you assume responsibility for sharing your information, Fracttal is not responsible for the use of the data after its approval to share it.

9circle Modification of API Terms and Conditions

By making use of the Fracttal API, whether as a Fracttal User or third parties (Developer), you accept these terms and conditions. Fracttal may, at any time, monitor the use of the Fracttal API in order to ensure compliance with these terms.


Fracttal may modify these terms without notice. The use of Fracttal API services after the publication of the new terms constitutes their acceptance. If you do not agree to the new Terms, you must suspend your use of Fracttal API services.


Fracttal reserves the right to cancel, block and prohibit without notice the use of Fracttal API to any Fracttal User or third party (Developer) who we consider violations or violations of the terms described in this section.

10circle Intellectual property

Fracttal Tech S.L. warrants that it owns the Software and API and each of its components, and has all faculty and authority to grant the rights to use the Platform. Fracttal Tech S.L retains all intellectual property rights in the FRACTTAL API.


Fracttal grants a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-sub-licable license, subject to these Terms and Conditions of Service, for the use of Fracttal API.

11circle Restrictions

When making use of Fracttal API services, you are subject to the following restrictions:


  • Reverse, reverse engineer, decompile, decrypted, unscrewed, unmasked or disassembled in whole or in part any API, Content or Service.
  • Develop a Fracttal API implementation, product or service that takes into account Fracttal represents competition.
  • Interfere with the proper functioning of the Fracttal API or distribute any Fracttal API implementation that negatively affects Fracttal or other application services using Fracttal API.
  • Use the credentials of another Fracttal User or third party (Developer).
  • Hide information about Fracttal's Fracttal API usage.
  • Use Fracttal API in association or as content on websites or applications that, in Fracttal's judgment, are considered obscene or inappropriate.
  • Use Fracttal API in applications that contain, promote, or are connected to spyware, adware, or other malicious code or programs.
  • Try to extract the information from the copy of the base code or Fracttal users.
  • Defame or negatively represent Fracttal in the implementation of the Fracttal API.
  • Use Fracttal API for any use intended to replace or replicate Fracttal's user experience or functionality.