Fracttal Mobile CMMS

Mobilize your team like never before!

- Manage planned maintenance

– Assign work orders and capture work order feedback

– Track asset and maintenance performance

– Capture asset meter readings and record breakdowns

– Online & Offline Capability

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Mobile CMMS

Fracttal Mobile CMMS gives managers and field teams the freedom and flexibility to properly manage and track all their maintenance activities on the go. Gone are the days of clipboards, manual job forms, log sheets and paper based breakdown reports. Fracttal Mobile CMMS gives you all the power, flexibility and features you need to streamline your maintenance processes.

All the necessary features for a mobile workforce

Maintenance KPIs

Built-in KPI Monitoring

Access your main maintenance KPIs right from your mobile device

CMMS Geo Tracking

GEO Tracking

Track technician locations or force geo tag feedback from the built-in Geo Task types

Offline CMMS

Offline Mode

Sync your device to the cloud application and store work order and asset information on your device, allowing remote teams to record feedback in offline mode


Complete Inspections

Use the app to complete your inspections with Fracttal CMMS's inspection and verification tasks. The mobile app streamlines inspections in the field or on the shop floor

Asset Meter Readings

Meter Readings

Use the mobile cmms app to easily capture equipment meter readings while on the job and keep your logs up to date


Built-in Chat

The mobile cmms app allows managers and technicians to easily communicate while on the job, using the built-in work request chat function

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Access all your data right on your mobile device

  • KPI Metrics
  • Scan Asset Barcodes or QR codes
  • Access your facilities and equipment details
  • Manage upcoming planned maintenance
  • Manage your or your team's work orders
  • Review your maintenance calendar to see what needs to be done, when
  • Log work requests and breakdowns
  • Review work requests and turn them into actionable work orders
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Available on any internet enables device

Our Mobile CMMS application is available for both Android™ and iOS™ driven devices. The mobile app can be downloaded from any of the major app stores on both mobile as well as tablet devices free of charge.
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Monitor performance on the go

The Fracttal CMMS Mobile App allows you to keep track of the performance of your assets, maintenance department or the team reporting to you.
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Planned Maintenance Management

Manage your planned maintenance tasks, assign planned/ unplanned work directly to your field team from your mobile device, re-schedule or re-assign planned work and even add additional resources like parts and labor to planned tasks before sending it out.
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Work Management in the Field

See all the work orders that's been assigned to you or your team.
The mobile app allows for multiple different task types such as: Inspection tasks with pass/ fail/ flag, Geo location tasks, requesting user location, Verification, Yes/No tasks, Meter readings tasks to allow for in-field machine/ equipment meter reading feedback and even Number task types for tasks requiring numerical feedback.
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Fracttal On Board

Our integrated fleet/ vehicle monitoring solution will help you keep track of your vehicles in real-time while recording vehicle mileage right into the CMMS automating maintenance triggers and warning you of upcoming inspections and services.

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Maintenance digitization

Fracttal Box

See how the power of the Internet of Things can help you improve your maintenance activities

Whether you have assets that are already sending information to the cloud or you need to adapt current systems, we can help you integrate your machine data into our CMMS solution, giving you real-time feedback and the ability to trigger maintenance based on actual equipment condition.

Our team is ready to help you take on Industry 4.0 and leverage the power of real-time monitoring and process automation.

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