Experience new levels of performance in maintenance for your industry

Fracttal Asset Cloud is the best maintenance software tool for properly maintaining and managing your assets. We help you get the best performance from your asset optimization activities and can result in saving you up to 55% in maintenance costs.

Fracttal is the perfect maintenance software tool for maintenance managers who are looking for the best solution, at the best price, with the best features on the market. Fracttal offers you a unique differential pricing model not followed by any other software solution out there GUARANTEED!

100% Cloud

Access your data from anywhere on your desktop or mobile device. Your information is always safe and available.

Differential Pricing

Finally a role based pricing model that makes sense! No more obsolete license fee structures, or paying the same for all users irrespective of system use.

Virtual Disk

Stores all your information in your own virtual disk (plans, pdf, images, videos, documents and any type of file).

Import and Export

Import and export all necessary information from XLSX / XLSM / XLSB / ODS / XLS / XML / CSV formats. Your information belongs to you.

Live Notifications

Receive immediate notifications about any aspect of your operation. Your team informed, ALWAYS


Generates and prints reports about tasks, work orders, purchase orders, applications and more. No more lost hours organizing information.


Your whole company connected in one place

Perfectly designed for you, Fracttal Asset Cloud can help you achieve more in your business with less effort. No matter what your industry, we integrate all the elements of your value chain facilitating your daily activities. All this just a click away.

Manage your Assets

Simplify the management of your physical assets and increase asset life. Register and control all your assets on a single platform. Get detailed information on asset performance and reduce failures by making informed decisions.

Manage your Work Orders

Improve the effectiveness of managing your work orders and tasks with Fracttal’s intelligent and highly configurable interface. Create task plans, automatically trigger maintenance executions, plan and estimate resource loading, maintenance frequencies and much more.

Control your Human Resources

Keep a comprehensive record of the people who are part of your maintenance team, including personal information, certifications and licensing information, as well as organisational details.



Maintain your assets just when they need it

Fracttal Asset Cloud monitors and records the conditions and behaviour of your assets, giving you the ability to perform predictive maintenance based on established indicators. Fracttal will ensure that your company is fully operational, always.

mobile cmms

Information analysis

Analyze the behavior of your company through business intelligence and trends. Fracttal creates key performance indicators (KPI’s), dynamic tables, reports and statistics with the data you want. Rest assured that the KPI’s in Fracttal will help you improve the performance of your business.

Capture and Analyze Readings

Capture equipment meter readings into the system. Starting from variables such as mileage, temperature, pressure, voltage, etc. Set up automatic execution of tasks, alarms and notifications based on meter readings to keep you updated about the status of your assets and remind you about pending activities.

Resource Budget

Better plan and analyze the budget for resources that will be used for maintenance next week, next month or next year. Fracttal streamlines your planning process, helps you be more productive and ensures that all the necessary resources are available at the right time.




All the power of Fractal in the palm of your hand.

Maintenance Software designed especially for technical teams that are constantly out of the office in different locations or working in the field. Our mobile application allows field teamsto consult and update data from any site on the go,improving the work effectiveness of your team and helping you reduce turn-around times as well as maintenance costs.

Manage Your Tasks From Anywhere

Update work order statuses and progress, take photos of completed work or breakdowns, record the time and place of any maintenance activity. Field work for your technical teams have never been easier.

Scan QR Codes

Scan asset QR codes to quickly bring up an asset’s status as well as history of activities performed and any open work orders against that asset. All the information available just when you need it.

Receive Real-Time Notifications

Instantly get informed of emergencies or job requests. Reduce the downtime of your assets, as well as minimize the severity of failures by addressing them early.

Preferred by managers and technicians around the world

Paper? Never again!!

Stop managing your maintenance activities inefficiently on paper and focus your team’s efforts on activities more relevant to your organization.

Some advantages of using Fracttal Asset Cloud

Improve Financial Performance

Reduce costs and improve return on investment, preserve the value of your assets, without sacrificing achieving your company’s business objectives.

Improved Product and Service Quality

By ensuring good asset performance, it is possible to maintain and even improve the quality of the products and services you deliver.

Improved Sustainability

Effective cost management and performance in the short and long term, improve the sustainability of operations and your business.

Improved Decision Making

Enable your company to improve the decision-making process, effectively balancing costs, risks, opportunities and performance.

Risk Management

Reduce financial losses, improve the safety of workers, reduce environmental incidents and enhance the reputation of your company.

Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness

Fracttal allows you to review and improve the performance of processes, procedures and assets. Guaranteeing a better service to your customers.

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