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World-class Maintenance Software for all

Fracttal has all the features you need to optimize your maintenance activities, improve equipment uptime and streamline your processes all from a single solution. Transform the way you manage your assets and processes with the most innovative tool for Enterprise Asset Management.

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World-class Maintenance Software

Fracttal is the perfect tool for maintenance managers who are looking for the best solution, at the best price, with the best features on the market. Fracttal offers you a unique differential pricing model not followed by any other software solution out there GUARANTEED!

Fracttal's unique benefits

100% Cloud-based SaaS Solution

100% Cloud-based SaaS Solution

Being a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution, you get the benefit of not having to invest huge capital amounts into an expensive IT infrastructure, your solution is always up to date with any new features or enhancements, you can manage your subscription monthly as an operational expense and you can access your data from anywhere in the world while resting assured that with our 99.9%+ availability you will always have access to your data.

Easy to get started

Easy to get started

We have developed features and methodologies that helps you get started easily so that you can see the benefits of Fracttal on your maintenance department quicker.

Mobile productivity

Mobile productivity

Run your maintenance department and team from the palm of your hand. Raise and assign work orders to team members, conduct inspections, capture meter readings and many more, all through the Fracttal mobile app for Android™ and iOS™.

automate management notifications


With our innovative Virtual Planner ® automate management notifications, processes and routine work assignments quickly and easily.

integrate Fracttal with almost any other business software


Fully leverage the power of Fracttal by sharing purchase requests, stock consumption data and or labor costs directly with your ERP or collect real-time data and readings directly from your assets. We have made it easy through our API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate Fracttal with almost any other business software.

maintenance metrics in real-time

Reports and KPI's

Fracttal monitors all your maintenance metrics in real-time, and visually displays it in intuitive reports and our built-in KPI dashboard. Take the guess work out of your decision making process and stop wasting time on manually capturing data in spreadsheets.

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Work with your team

Fracttal Teams gives you greater control over the management of your field teams. Plan your team's daily, weekly and monthly maintenance activities in an interactive and collaborative way to ensure your whole team know exactly where they need to be and what maintenance must be performed.

Work with your team

Information at a glance

Dive into your maintenance data and team performance with our built-in business intelligence and reporting module. Collaborate with your technical and management team during weekly maintenance meetings to improve equipment performance and maintenance compliance.

Information at a glance

Easier work order management

Use the built-in work order Kanban to quickly and easily take work orders from open to under review to closed in no time. This simplified work order management functionality saves you time throughout the work planning and control process and gives you a quick view of work order progress within your department.

Easier work order management

Planned Maintenance Made Easy

Set up recurring scheduled maintenance tasks to trigger based on date intervals, meter readings, or event and alarm-based triggers and have the CMMS automatically notify you of any upcoming work. Further automate and standardize your maintenance plans by specifying resource requirements, what procedures to follow, who needs to execute the work and much more, all from a single platform.

Planned Maintenance Triggers

All your asset and maintenance management information in a single place

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Maintenance is now mobile

Maintenance is now mobile

Maintenance Software designed especially for technical teams that are constantly out of the office in different locations or working in the field. Our mobile application allows field teamsto consult and update data from any site on the go,improving the work effectiveness of your team and helping you reduce turn-around times as well as maintenance costs.

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Manage your tasks from anywhere

Manage your tasks from anywhere

Update work order statuses and progress, take photos of completed work or breakdowns, record the time and place of any maintenance activity. Field work for your technical teams have never been easier.

Quickly and easily identify your assets

Quickly and easily identify your assets

Scan asset QR codes to quickly bring up an asset’s status as well as history of activities performed and any open work orders against that asset. All the information available just when you need it.

Receive real-time notifications

Receive real-time notifications

Instantly get informed of emergencies or job requests. Reduce the downtime of your assets, as well as minimize the severity of failures by addressing them early.

Fracttal perfectly integrates with any ERP

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Fracttal CMMS helps prolong the life of your business assets

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What our customers say

Our customers have all seen the benefits to their organisations since they started using Fracttal and the tools we offer.


Arco Mexico

icon our customers

Before we had problems with the standardization of business processes, Fracttal was the solution for it, has a very user friendly interface, access via a mobile application and access through the web. Fracttal we currently with constant monitoring of assigned tasks. I fracttal recommend because it's a good powerful very accessible tool for process standardization and monitoring at a price


Radio Swissboring

icon our customers

We needed to have all integrated into a single program, since we are in 6 countries in Central America and only worked with Excel. With Fracttal we integrate information on equipment maintenance as we needed it, it has exceeded our expectations, we have achieved the planned, such as the integration of information from all locations. Fracttal recommend because it is an application easy to use, plus the compatibility of occupying the program from mobile, tablets, etc.


Bester Generation SLU

icon our customers

Fracttal from the beginning had the characteristics I was looking for, the choice was simple. Good relationship between quality and price. It is a very complete app, despite being a cloud platform can work without problem offline. Compared to on-premise CMMS Fracttal it is very easy to use, improves the management of your company. It is a very simple platform to mold, easy adaptation. I see positive Fracttal is that it is a dynamic young company, they are always evolving.


Cementos BSA

icon our customers

We did not have a management system before Fracttal, we only work with Excel, so now we have ordered our assets. Now part of keeping track of assets, we can measure and manage inventory statistics thereof, this greatly benefited our finance department, because they now know the cost of the asset. Recommend Fracttal at cost, the level of service they handle, and the ease involved to be a cloud platform

Industry Solutions

Some advantages of using Fracttal Asset Cloud & CMMS

Improves Financial Performance

Fracttal helps you reduce costs, improve return on investment while preserving the value of your assets, all without sacrificing the achievement of your business objectives.

Improves Sustainability

Effective cost management and performance in the short and long term, improve the sustainability of operations and business.

Improving services and results

Ensuring good asset performance, you can maintain and even improve the quality of products and services offered.

Some advantages of using Fracttal Asset Cloud & CMMS

Make Better Decisions

By ensuring you have complete visibility on the performance of your assets, you can make better decisions and ensure that the quality of your products and services are maintained and even improved.

Risk management

Fracttal helps you determine the probability and impact a functional failure of your equipment will have on quality, safety, environmental conditions, energy and waste, allowing you to take preventative steps to avoid such failures. Build safety procedures into you maintenance plans to ensure your staff carry out their work safely.

Effective MRO Spares Management

Set up a single or multiple warehouses and optimize inventory levels in each. Track parts consumptions, pending stock deliveries as well as minimum and maximum stock levels per warehouse. Issue purchase orders, track stock receipts and issuing as well as manage material requisitions all in one place.

The best maintenance management solution at an affordable price for any budget

It does not matter if you work in a large multi-national organisation or micro-SME, Fracttal's differential pricing model makes it affordable to start taking control over your maintenance activities today!

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