Types of business Alliance

Commercial IT company with sales force

• Definitely mine is the sale.
• We sell hardware and software, the vast majority.
• I also do consultative selling.
• I want to bill the client for Fracttal services.
• I can bring in more than 5 prospects per month.
• I am willing to make an investment.

Integrator Consultant or SW/HW Developer

• I have a consulting company for software or hardware integrations.
• We are experts in maintenance.
• I prefer to grow with projects.
• I can bill my clients directly for Fracttal services.
• I can bring at least three potential clients a month.- I am willing to make an investment.


• I am able to bring in at least one potential client monthly.
• I want to participate in the process to learn to sell alone.
• I like selling, but I cannot dedicate myself permanently to it.
• I accept that Fracttal bill directly to the client.


• I have sporadic business.
• I don’t want to participate too much in the commercial process, I prefer to interact on a platform to declare my business and to be notified when to charge.

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