Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance


It arises during the Second World War, a time in which maintenance has a fundamental development, since it focused on military processes, fulfilling an important role in the inspection of aircraft before each flight and in the change of some components in attention to the number of hours of operation, to minimize corrective maintenance activities and reduce repair through routine periodic inspections and the renewal of damaged elements.

Purpose of preventive maintenance

It is based on the planning of tasks and activities such as cleaning adjustments, repairs and part replacements, with the aim of ensuring the operational permanence of the equipment and the functional capacities of the organization, carrying out inspections, detections and systematic prevention of failures; with the purpose of maintaining the useful life of the equipment, avoiding early failures, minimizing impacts and costs.

Subcategories of Preventive Maintenance


Preventive maintenance has two sub-categories based on condition-based maintenance and predetermined maintenance.

Condition-based maintenance


In the 1950s, CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) was introduced for the first time by IRD Mechanalysis, called “Condition-Based Preventive Maintenance”, distinguishing itself from traditional preventive maintenance, due to the fact that the latter performed interventions on the equipment at intervals fixed, unlike the one based on condition that its premise is the condition in which the asset is located, that is, to act in the face of evidence of need.

Condition-based maintenance purpose

It consists of carrying out certain tasks based on the decisions of the diagnosis of physical assets and acting on them only if there are symptoms of degradation. Action is required, be it cleaning, tightening, oiling, reconditioning and / or replacing the asset.Condition Based Maintenance Workflow

Default Maintenance


It arises from preventive maintenance, because it was the initial way in which it was carried out. Its main objective is to seek to reduce stoppages due to failures, thus introducing the process of routine maintenance scheduled in advance of the failure.

Purpose of Default Maintenance

It consists of carrying out work based on the programming and planning of activities, the most usual way is based on a calendar, for example: frequencies of days, weeks, months, years, etc. In order to maintain the usefulness of the equipment, in addition to improving its quality through design modifications that strengthen the reliability and maintainability of the assets.Default Maintenance Workflow

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