International standards and asset management

What is a Standard?

By definition, a standard is "a document established by consensus and approved by a recognized body, which provides, for common and repetitive use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or, their results aimed at achieving the optimal level of order in a given concept ”(ISO, 1996)

The standards were originally designed in response to the need to document effective technological process procedures and were later marketed for use in administrative procedures. Its development was generated through the impact produced by the field of engineering.

How are the criteria for developing a standard established?

There are organizations that bring together a group of national and international experts to form technical committees, which are in charge of raising and debating the needs of a specific market, to then establish criteria that must later be voted on until a consensus is reached. These processes can take more than 1 year to consolidate a standard.

Need for standardization of norms and processes

Globalization increased the development of technology, countries innovated in their designs and the creation of new devices at the regional level increased, however when they began to be used outside their place of origin, they were not compatible with existing technologies in other nations.

From then on, regional, national and then international organizations were created, forming a defined hierarchy, which will be in charge of determining the specific characteristics that the elements and processes should have, so that they could be used anywhere in the world without restrictions.

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