Improve decision-making by scheduling your tasks with Fracttal One

Hello, my name is Santiago Herrera. From now on, I will tell you about the improvements we work on week after week in the Fracttal development department.

Today I bring you an improvement that we have developed in the task rescheduling history section.

What are the goals of this improvement?

With this functionality, it is sought that the planner or programmer can improve decision making when scheduling tasks, being able to show and interpret a general panorama and detailed behaviors of its management. In many cases, the tasks are rescheduled due to repetitive conditions that are known to the other members of the process, but they are, to a certain extent, not very transparent to the figure of the planner.

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What benefits does it entail for the user?

With this update, problems related to the lack of traceability and clarity in the rescheduling of tasks are resolved and decision-making in this aspect is optimized.

The update in the task rescheduling history helps to understand more clearly the behavior of the task in its planning, allowing greater control and improved management with respect to changes in the dates on which the tasks were planned to be executed. This allows knowing in detail how many times a task has been rescheduled, what the reasons have been and who is responsible for it.

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