Professionalize your management. The first step in the digitization of maintenance.

$195 USD/mo

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  • done Register all the assets of your operation. Whether be locations, equipment, tools, spare parts o digitals assets without limits.
  • done For teams up to 5 people.
  • done Training with Fracttal University


  • done Catalogs: assets, HR and third parties.
  • done Digital task plans and work orders.
  • done Business intelligence and KPI.
  • done Unlimited request users.


Digital transformation for the maintenance of your operation. All the value of Fracttal in one account.

$485 USD/mo

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  • done All the functionalities and modules of the basic plan.
  • done Support by e-mail and chat.
  • done Up to 10 users included. Have the possibility to add additional users.
  • done Training with Fracttal University included.

  • done Condition-based monitoring / maintenance.
  • done Business security of passwords
  • done Budgets, Dispatcher and maps


Achieve operational excellence within your organization, whether you have diferent plans, operations, facilities or contracts.

Custom Plan

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  • done All the functionalities of Fracttal.
  • done Fracttal Excellence Manager support to help you achieve your goals.
  • done Create 4 multi-login accounts and as many users as you need.
  • done Corporate integrations and personalized BI reports.

  • done Guest portal
  • done Corporate identification of the account
  • done Mission critical (99.99% of availability)


The elementary functionalities of Fracttal for micro-smes and independent entrepreneurs.


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  • done Have full and completely access to Fracttal University lessons, where you can certificate as a Fracttal user.
  • done Have full access to the mobile application.
  • done Up to 2 users included in the account.

  • done Digital task plans and work orders
  • done Catalogs (assets, HR and third parties)

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Professionalise your management. The first step in the digitalisation of maintenance within everyone's reach. Easy to use and implement
    $ 255 USD /mo
    € 214,20/mo
    $ 5.227,50 + IVA MXN/mo
    $ 6,69 UF/mo
    R $ 1.453,50/mo
    Digital transformation for your operation. Digitise your maintenance team and measure their results in real time.
      $975 USD/mo
      € 819/mo
      $19.987,50 + IVA MXN/mo
      $25,56 UF/mo
      R $ 5.557,50/mo
      All the power of Fracttal One at your team's fingertips. Optimize your management and achieve operational excellence for superior results.
        Achieve operational excellence within your organisation, whether you have different plants, operations, facilities or contracts.

          Acquire an easy, fast and efficient CMMS

          Is there any limit in the amount of information I can store in Fracttal?

          Due to our flexible, innovative and state of the art platform, there is no limit on the storage of maintenance related/transactional data. Fracttal CMMS can store and back up all your data for as long as you use the system. The only storage limitation currently in affect is that of documents uploaded to the platform and the limit is determined by the service pack chosen. Although unlikely, should there ever be a need to increase the document storage space of your system, this is very easily done at a minor additional monthly cost. Please speak to one of our customer success managers/consultants regarding any concerns you have regarding this.

          Do I need help with implementing the system?

          Fracttal CMMS was designed to make it easy to set up and deploy within any organization. However, if this is the first time you are going to invest in a maintenance management system, we would strongly advise you to speak to one of our professional consultants who can help you and explain the professional services Fracttal offers in this regard.

          Speak to a customer success manager today >

          We offer various online training courses designed to fit your budget and customized to the service pack you have chosen.

          We also have a very experienced and professional implementation team, that have successfully implemented the Fracttal CMMS solution at multiple clients across various industries. They will be able to assist you with an end-to-end implementation solution.

          Should you wish to implement Fracttal in-house, please feel free to make use of our support portal that contains quick start videos as well as how-to-guides to assist you on this journey to better maintenance management. Go to Help Centre >

          Can Fracttal be used on any computer, operating system or device?

          Yes, you can use Fracttal on any desktop computer regardless of the operating system. This includes operating systems such as Windows™, MAC OSX™, Linux™, Chrome OS™, or on any mobile device irrespective if it's driven by iOS™, Android™, Windows™ or Blackberry™. All you need is a web browser and a connection to the internet!

          The Fracttal Mobile App can operate in an Offline Mode after it has been synced with the online platform.

          Who owns my data?

          It's you! After all, it's your data! We want customers to use Fracttal because they love it, not because their data is stuck there. You can export all your information stored in Fracttal at any time, no matter which plan you choose.