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About Fracttal

Asset management is at the heart of our business where we develop and apply our best-in-class Fracttal CMMS solution that drive sustainable, long-term value for our global clients. We leverage deep engineering and technology experience to deliver an all-in-one CMMS solution for our clients’ asset and maintenance management software needs. Gone are the days of complex, cumbersome and expensive systems. Fracttal provides clients with the best maintenance management solution on the market at an affordable price for any budget and any size organization.
In addition to our core CMMS maintenance software solution, Fracttal is IIoT enabled with deployment ready sensor platforms such as Fracttal Box™ and Fracttal Onboard™. Fracttal Box enables you to see and record machine readings in real-time and establish rules that automates maintenance triggers to improve your productivity and maintenance focus. Fracttal OnBoard gives you end-to-end integration for fleet monitoring and maintenance.
We are a value-driven company centered on delivering sustainable asset management business solutions for clients across a spectrum of industries. Our global footprint allows us to serve you throughout North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Middle-East and Africa. Fracttal supports customers globally with on-site or remote implementation of the CMMS system, as well as a convenient customer support portal. Quick start videos and system help files are available within the Knowledge Base structured to provide on-demand support for your needs. All of your specific actions are captured within the client support center to provide you with easy tracking and management of your activities.
history of fracttal team
history of fracttal inspirational team

By partnering with our clients, we ensure our CMMS and complementing asset management solutions deliver high reliability of your assets, reduce maintenance costs, increase capacity, drive efficiency gains, and improve overall asset performance. Our company mission and core values provide a framework from which we operate to deliver solutions that work for you today and give you the steps and strategies that allow you to achieve future goals.

Our Mission
Fracttal’s Mission is to deliver innovative asset management solutions through the adoption of advanced technologies focused on digital transformation. Our team strives to fulfill this mission by being Innovative, Value Driven, and Client Focused.Our Mission
Our Core Values
Our Core Values serve as the foundation and driving force for serving our clients through these key elements: Solutions Focused, Persistence, Honesty, Future Focused, and Embracing Change.
Our Core Values

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