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What our customers say 

With the powerful tools provided by Fracttal, many of our customers have already improved the way they manage their assets and track their maintenance teams.


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Before working with Excel and Access which hampered our work to assign tasks to responsible and the information is not was entirely organized, Fracttal helped us tidy up our information and unify into a single platform, arranged our assignment problem task. We have our headquarters in Santiago and Arica working with Fracttal, and exceeded my expectations, it's easy to use, has an affordable price, is 100% cloud so we can now access information anytime and anywhere It has a management system spare parts and can occupy any mobile tool

Salud Digna

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Before we drove Excel and we complicated the work, now with Fracttal took control of assets, inventories, equipment failures, indicators, without having own servers, can also add assets with QR code for quick identification and assign location, this also available on mobile devices, now we have been able to automate the processes of assets and execution of maintenance of our company, we Fracttal only one of our offices but has exceeded our expectations as far as future we expand our other venues. 100% recommended by its asset management, being cloud software has many functionalities in a single system that can also handle you on mobile devices

Rodio Swissboring

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With Fracttal we have control of maintenance, record the history of the equipment, reduce paperwork, and we archivábamos all documentation. Before we worked with Excel (tables), which was quite difficult to concentrate information as staff hours after a while we worked with a CMMS on-premise but it was quite complicated to use in terms of interface and methods of entering the data, so we decided to switch to Fracttal with what we compress data concerning maintenance checks, to centralize in a single program all the information. Fracttal definitely exceeded our expectations, we have given us practice our management tools, and that we can use in our cell, which could not do with the CMMS on-premise we used previously. Fracttal recommend 100%, for the reasons that it is a super easy to use interface, easy access and security features necessary for us as customers. In addition collects all the information we need and the best works from the cloud.


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We needed to have automated and integrated information and asset maintenance Fracttal made it possible. We made improvements over the recording of information, reducing paper and concentration of information. Fracttal has exceeded our expectations, as it has been very nice interaction with the software for all users. Fracttal recommend for its versatility, automation to manage maintenance, generate historical that we can build with the information we collect, with which they can make economic reports. In addition to replacing stationery to upload information to the cloud.

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There are already hundreds of companies that have improved their maintenance processes and the management of their assets using our solutions.


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