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Maintenance Solutions for the Mining Industry

Maintenance Solutions for the Mining Industry

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With extremely arduous conditions, heavy equipment and expensive assets, mining and service companies in this industry face constant risks of reliability and aging of their equipment and infrastructure. According to magazine, the non-operation of a transport truck has an average production impact of $ 35,000 per shift

World Class Maintenance Software

Fracttal's Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a powerful tool that helps you organise the maintenance activities at your mining operation.

Mining companies that generate the highest yields are those that pay permanent attention to equipment health, properly plan their shutdowns and the factors that impact production.

World Class Maintenance Software

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We help keep Mining Operations running smoothly.

Control of Maintenance

Control of Maintenance

Get notified whenever there is a breakdown/ failure of your equipment, assign internal or external resources to maintenance jobs, specify what needs to be done and when and ensure the correct feedback gets recorded. Forget about spreadsheets and clipboards to control your team's maintenance activities, mobilize your team with the Fracttal Mobile CMMS App. Schedule inspections by time triggers or set up planned maintenance tasks triggered by equipment meter readings, all on a single maintenance platform.

Resource management

Resource management

Take control over your maintenance spend by managing internal and external labor allocation and workloads as well as spare parts assigned to a specific maintenance job. Set up equipment/ job maintenance budgets and compare your planned vs. actual maintenance spend, enabling you to make better and more informed decisions with regarding to your overall maintenance budget. Look at historical spend and set up planned budgets for up to 2 years in advance, linking it to your planned maintenance strategy.

Real time metrics

Real time metrics

Fracttal CMMS helps you track equipment reliability, OEE, MTTR and MTTF, all calculated in real time. Fracttal has a powerful range of reports, built-in KPI dashboards and graphs to help you make more informed decisions about your operations. Giving you the insights you need to drive operational improvements and excellence.

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Fracttal helps you Digitally Transform the way you manage your maintenance activities.

manage all your information of your facilities

Store, track and manage all your information of your facilities, plant & equipment, spare parts, tools and even digital assets on a single platform.

complete warehouse management module

Fracttal has a complete warehouse management module that helps you get control over your MRO spares and supplies.

Built-in KPI dashboards

Built-in KPI dashboards as well as a business intelligence module, helps you stay informed on your operations at all times.

preventative maintenance procedures

Build out your planned, preventative maintenance procedures and have them trigger based on time, events or even machine meter readings.

Manage all your maintenance activities

With Fracttal, you can do away with manual job cards, excel sheets and clipboards completely. Manage all your maintenance activities and your team from a single platform and through our Mobile CMMS application.

fully automate your maintenance procedures

Integrate your equipment with Fracttal and record equipment conditions and meter readings directly into your platform in real-time, allowing you to fully automate your maintenance procedures.

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Fracttal helped us not only with the maintenance management, but also with the management of the cost of the assets, such as the cost of spare parts, labor, etc. All for a low cost. With Fracttal it is very easy to track assets and manage indicators. We have covered many of the needs we had, for the quick and easy access to our information thanks to Fracttal, that's why I recommend it, because it is a tool in the cloud it can be connected and used on any mobile device and through the web, so you do not need a physical server in your company, first-class consultancies, quick access to support, it's a complete software.

Warehouse Management

Gain control over your MRO spares and parts consumption with our built-in warehouse management module

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