Monitoring and fleet management

Get relevant yet easy to understand information on the behavior and condition of your vehicles in real time, therefore avoiding failures and accidents and prolonging the life of your fleet.

Fracttal On Board takes your fleet to a new level of productivity because it connects all your vehicles to a single management platform allowing you to monitor them in real time.

Most noteworthy advantages of using Fracttal On Board

Mileage Log

First of all, forget the use of paper to manage your vehicles. Fracttal consolidates the routes of all your vehicles so that you can take better control of them and as a result make better, more informed decisions.

Vehicle and driver identification

Keep track of the vehicle and the driver and his behavior, you can always determine the efficiency of each according to his performance. Knowledge of your fleet at your fingertips.

Security and control

Unauthorized use of your vehicles can affect the safety and stability of your business, establish fences where your vehicles can operate and notify authorized activities.

Avoid speeding accidents

Reducing insurance and maintenance costs is vital to your business, get complete and easy-to-understand information on high speed alerts or dangerous driving behavior hence reducing potential accidents.

State of the art service

Exceptional cloud-based service and a top device backed by a world-class support team

Quick installation

Our device has the fastest installation to ensure that you have control of your fleet as fast as possible.

The Fleet Management Platform for any Industry

Your Fleet at maximum productivity

Our platform is designed for companies of any size and sector, eliminating work with paper, optimizing the use of vehicles, reducing accidents and increasing productivity.

About Fracttal Asset Cloud
Improve fleet utilization, reduce accidents and increase your productivity


The latest technology at the service of your company

Each component of our device is designed to provide the highest transmission reliability and durability. Perfect for those companies that require uninterrupted transmission in the control of their fleet.

We are experts in fleet management and hundreds of companies confirm it

Paper? Never again!!

Stop managing your activities inefficiently through paper and focus the effort of your team on activities more relevant to your organization.

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  • – Use the provider of your choice (SIM card)
  • – Ideal for businesses that need full connection
  • – Mileage log, safety, routes, and more
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  • 512 Bytes transmission
  • Always Connected
  • Real-time location
  • Performance statistics
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