FRACTTAL was designed with your business in mind and to give you the tools and features you need in order to improve asset performance, gain valuable insights into equipment performance, assign accountability and properly document and track all your maintenance activities.

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Fracttal Maintenance KPI Dashboard

The Fracttal KPI dashboard sorts and visualizes all your maintenance data in a single, easy to understand dashboard giving you instant visibility on all your maintenance activities. The dashboard allows you to at a glance see where the issues are, what work is overdue and which tasks are coming up.

Multi-Site Enabled

It’s a well known fact that reactive/ unplanned maintenance can cost up to 55% more than planned/ pro-active maintenance. Fracttal helps companies world-wide to establish better Asset and Maintenance practices as well as proper Equipment Lifecycle Management across multiple facilities in various regions. Use Fracttal Asset Cloud to manage one or multiple facilities in your portfolio as well as external service providers. Fracttal is well suited and has unique features for service providers in the facilities management & corporate real-estate industry.

Maintenance Planned

Maintenance Planning Calendar

View all your planned and upcoming work on the maintenance calendar and immediately identify where there are double bookings or overcommitted team members. The maintenance planning calendar allows you to view planned maintenance tasks by asset/ location/ site as well as see all the planned work by team member. Use the built-in advance filters to drill down into your planned work and group it by maintenance type or any custom group applied.

Easily Manage Work Orders Using Kanban

The kanban view allows you quickly and easily focus your work order administration efforts where it’s needed, giving you the flexibility to drag work orders between various stages. Using the work order kanban will help you save time, increase productivity and improve efficiency when closing work orders so that you can focus on sorting out other issues.

Parts Management

Gain Control Over Your Inventory

Set up a single or multiple warehouses and optimize inventory levels in each. Track parts consumptions, pending parts deliveries as well as minimum and maximum stock levels per part item. Issue purchase orders, track part receipts and issuing as well as manage material requisitions all in one place.

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With Fracttal in your company you can achieve

55% average reduction in the cost of overtime

18% average reduction the cost of spare parts and consumables

15% increase in the availability of your assets

8% average reduction in the cost of new equipment

Increased operational visibility and accountability

Increased life of your equipment resulting in reduced capex and refurbishment commitments

Improvements in your supply and procurement processes

25% average reduction in production downtime

Documented maintenance history and compliance with international regulations such as ISO & BPM

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