With extremely arduous conditions, heavy equipment and expensive assets, mining and service companies in this industry face constant risks of reliability and aging of their equipment and infrastructure. According to magazine, the non-operation of a transport truck has an average production impact of $ 35,000 per shift.

FRACTTAL ASSET CLOUD is a powerful tool that helps you organize your operation of physical asset management and maintenance of mining operations. Mining companies that generate the highest yields are those that pay permanent attention to their equipment and the factors that impact production.

FRACTTAL in your mining company manages

Tracked & Trackless equipment


Lifting equipment


Heavy duty pumps

Main fans

Conveyor systems

Water separators


Underground equipment


and more

Why use Fracttal in your mining company?

Control internal labor, inventory costs and services, get management reports and KPIs indicators while you’re on the go. Be informed in real time how much you are spending as well as the performance of any team, section, or work in progress.

Save time and money by transitioning from spreadsheets or obsolete desk-top legacy systems to modern software. 100% in the cloud and mobile, FRACTTAL is perfect for MINING ENTERPRISES.

FRACTTAL helps MINING companies not only control costs and maximize the return on assets, but also help improve their operations.

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With Fracttal in your mining company you can achieve

55% average reduction in the cost of overtime

18% average reduction the cost of spare parts and consumables

15% increase in the availability of your assets

8% average reduction in the cost of new equipment

Increased operational visibility and accountability

Increased life of your equipment resulting in reduced capex and refurbishment commitments

Improvements in your supply and procurement processes

25% average reduction in production downtime

Documented maintenance history and compliance with international regulations such as ISO & BPM

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