Energy, oil and gas generation companies need to keep their assets in optimal condition to increase their useful life and reliability, they also require technological solutions that support those in charge of physical assets and maintenance.

FRACTTAL ASSET CLOUD ensures optimal maintenance coverage for energy industries by storing and controlling all assets in a central solution that manages associated work orders, costs, spare parts inventory, human resources, third party services and more.

FRACTTAL in your energy company manages

Steam turbines


Emergency generators

Dosing systems

Fans and blowers



Oil filters

Reducing gears

Air traps

Drilling lines

and more

Why use Fracttal in your energy company?

Control internal labor, inventory costs and services, get management reports and KPIs indicators while you’re on the go. Be informed in real time how much you are spending or the performance of any team, section, or work in progress.

Save time and money by transitioning from spreadsheets or obsolete desk-top legacy systems to modern software. 100% in the cloud and mobile, FRACTTAL is perfect for companies in the ENERGY industry big or small.

FRACTTAL helps companies in the ENERGY industry not only control costs and maximize the return on assets, but also improves their operations and processes.

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With Fracttal in your energy company you can achieve

Reduce an average of 55% in costs of extra maintenance time.

Reduce on average 18% in costs of spare parts and consumables.

Increase the availability of your assets by 15%, anticipating failures

Reduce an average of 8% in purchase costs of new equipment.

Reduce an average of 8% in purchase costs of new equipment.

Increase the useful life of the equipment allowing to lengthen line of depreciation of the assets.

Improve the supply and purchase process

Reduce an average of 25% in downtime of production

Document the information and comply with international regulations such as ISO, BPM, HAACP.

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