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Fracttal is maintenance software designed to help any organization, regardless of their industry sector. In a rapidly changing world we help you adapt and realize better results, taking full advantage of the Internet of Things( IOT) for your industry.

manofactura (1)


The manufacturing and production companies have different challenges in their daily operations and the failures caused by lack of maintenance impact not only on lost sales, but also on manufacturing costs, extra work hours and unplanned resources.

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maintenance services


Service companies struggle daily with management problems, lack of communication with technicians in the field and requests for services outside working hours. Generally as a result of all these factors working productively is a nightmare if you do not have the proper management tool.

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hoteleria (1)


Hotel management companies have the tough task of tracking a large number of assets in various locations while ensuring the proper functioning and high availability of equipment and facilities for the comfort and well-being of guests.

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salud (1)

Health Care

Those in charge of maintenance and physical assets of health care establishments know that the lights do not go off at five o’clock in the afternoon when the working day ends. The maintenance of a health care facilities is a priority 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and equipment cannot fail.

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mineria (1)


With extremely arduous conditions, heavy equipment and expensive assets, mining and service companies in this industry face constant risks of reliability and aging of their equipment and infrastructure. According to magazine, the non-operation of a transport truck has an average production impact of $ 35,000 per shift.

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comida (1)

Foods and Beverages

The food and beverage industries have the challenge of meeting high standards and regulations, efficiently managing the complex maintenance of equipment so that production does not stop while always looking for the best quality products.

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transporte (1)


Transportation companies have many time-consuming tasks, a limited number of vehicles or a comprehensive fleet, in either case they need their equipment to be operational, they need quick answers, reports that make sense, and they need information to be quickly and easily accessible from anywhere.

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tecnologia (1)


Technology companies depend on the solid maintenance of their physical and digital assets, from the maintenance of air conditioning, electrical systems, infrastructure, services, environmental controls and fire protection systems, to ensure optimal operational continuity.

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energía (1)


Energy, oil and gas generation companies need to keep their assets in optimal condition to increase their useful life and reliability, they also require technological solutions that support those in charge of physical assets and maintenance.

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ciudad (1)


Control of physical assets and maintenance of a city or municipality is not an easy task. When a pipe leaks or ruptures, it automatically becomes a potential threat to human lives. Having planned maintenance routines is essential for the proper functioning of a city or municipality.

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construccion (1)


Maintenance costs are one of the main determining factors in the return on a facility’s total investment. Studies show that poorly organized maintenance management operations can consume up to 40% of a facility’s operating budget.

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entretencion (1)


Amusement parks and zoos should be both fun and safe for visitors. The absence of a regular maintenance program in amusement parks and roller coasters can be a matter of life or death, as it implies the lack of proper control of your physical assets.

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