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Software Maintenance for Heavy Machinery

Software Maintenance for Heavy Machinery

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The manufacturing and production companies have different challenges in their daily operations and failures caused by lack of maintenance impact not only on lost sales, but also on manufacturing costs, extra work hours and unplanned resources.

World Class Maintenance

Thanks to Fracttal you can improve production and increase the availability of your machinery. With Fracttal you can have a tool that links end to end across your organization, since a team has a fault, planning how to correct it, parts, services up reports for managers to make the best decisions.

World Class Maintenance

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Maintenance Control

Maintenance Control

Management notices failures, preventive maintenance based on condition from a single tool. Forget spreadsheets for preventive control, the paper work orders and e-mails to repair faults. Fracttal is the digital transformation of the maintenance.

Resource management

Resource management

With Fracttal keep control of your budget. It carries the detailed historical parts, mapping tools, third-party services and HH of your staff. We allow you to manage budgets with up to 2 years in advance of your maintenance plans that you can not escape no expense.

Real time metrics

Real time metrics

Reliability, MTTR and MTTF calculated in real time. Fracttal has a powerful range of reports, reports and graphs for the decisions you make are always backed up by data and confidence can undertake continuous improvement of processes.

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Fracttal is Digital Transformation Construction

tools and digital assets

Locations lists, equipment, spare parts, tools and digital assets.

Complete Warehouse Management

Complete Warehouse Management and Warehouse for spare parts, materials and tools.

KPI reports and real-time

KPI reports and real-time.

Task plans for preventive

Task plans for preventive and corrective maintenance and condition-based.

Management 100% free of prints and paper

Management 100% free of prints and paper.

monitor them in real time

Install IoT in your machinery and monitor them in real time

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With Fracttal we have control of maintenance, record the history of the equipment, reduce paperwork, and we archivábamos all documentation. Before we worked with Excel (tables), which was quite difficult to concentrate information as staff hours after a while we worked with a CMMS on-premise but it was quite complicated to use in terms of interface and methods of entering the data, so we decided to switch to Fracttal with what we compress data concerning maintenance checks, to centralize in a single program all the information. Fracttal definitely exceeded our expectations, we have given us practice our management tools, and that we can use in our cell, which could not do with the CMMS on-premise we used previously. Fracttal recommend 100%, for the reasons that it is a super easy to use interface, easy access and security features necessary for us as customers. In addition collects all the information we need and the best works from the cloud.

Take Fracttal with you wherever you go

Our mobile CMMS app for iOS™ and Android™ makes it easy to manage your entire team from the palm of your hand and allows your team to complete their work quickly and easily out in the field.

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