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Infrastructure Maintenance Software for Cities

Maintenance Software for Cities & Municipalities 

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Fracttal CMMS helps cities and municipalities ensure they are audit and inspection ready when it comes to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Safe Water Drinking Act, Clean Air Act, Community Right-To-Know Act and other legislation. Maintaining infrastructure assets is already hard enough without worrying about health, safety and regulatory compliance. Fracttal offers city maintenance managers an easy to use and affordable solution that also helps extend the life of the assets they are responsible for.

World Class Maintenance Software

Fracttal's computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), allows for the monitoring of all segments of your city's infrastructure assets, including pipes, drains, sewers, road infrastructure, and much more.

Schedule preventive maintenance inspections on equipment and infrastructure assets that needs to be maintained, track your contractors and employees in order to improve their productivity, ensure safety procedures are being followed and regulatory inspections are complied with, all from a single management tool.

Extend the reach of your CMMS by integrating it with your city's smart assets in order to track asset condition, performance and have preventative maintenance procedures trigger automatically based on conditions you set.

World Class Maintenance Software

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Digital transformation for Public Asset Management

Control over Maintenance

Control over Maintenance

Get notified whenever there is a breakdown/ failure of your equipment, assign internal or external resources to maintenance jobs, specify what needs to be done and when and ensure the correct feedback gets recorded. Forget about spreadsheets and clipboards to control your team's maintenance activities, mobilize your team with the Fracttal Mobile CMMS App. Schedule inspections by time triggers or set up planned maintenance tasks triggered by equipment meter readings, all on a single maintenance platform.

Resource management

Resource management

Take control over your maintenance spend by managing internal and external labor allocation and workloads as well as spare parts assigned to a specific maintenance job. Set up equipment/ job maintenance budgets and compare your planned vs. actual maintenance spend, enabling you to make better and more informed decisions with regarding to your overall maintenance budget. Look at historical spend and set up planned budgets for up to 2 years in advance, linking it to your planned maintenance strategy.

Real time metrics

Real time metrics

Fracttal CMMS's built-in maintenance KPI dashboard and business intelligence module shows you exactly what's going on across all your facilities, locations and equipment. At a glance see what you team is up to, the progress of their assigned work, which jobs are falling behind and what is your department's response time to requested work or breakdowns. Fracttal also allows you to easily integrate machine and equipment readings through our intuitive Fracttal Box hardware that allows you to monitor various aspects of your facility and equipment in real-time.

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Fracttal helps you Digitally Transform the way you manage your maintenance activities.

Record all the information on your locations

Record all the information on your locations, buildings, plant & equipment, spare parts, tools and even digital assets.

Ensure health and safety procedures

Ensure health and safety procedures are in place and being followed.

Built-in KPI dashboard

Built-in KPI dashboard shows you what's going on across all your sites. Use the business intelligence module to drill down into your data to help make informed decisions.

maintenance procedures

Set up recurring task plans and maintenance procedures and get notified whenever work is upcoming.

Mobilize your field teams with the Fracttal Mobile CMMS application

Mobilize your field teams with the Fracttal Mobile CMMS application and do away with clip-boards and printed work orders/ job cards.

Integrate machine/ equipment readings directly

Integrate machine/ equipment readings directly into Fracttal and have the system automatically generate and assign work orders based on set triggers/ alarms.

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We did not have a management system before Fracttal, we only work with Excel, so now we have ordered our assets. Now part of keeping track of assets, we can measure and manage inventory statistics thereof, this greatly benefited our finance department, because they now know the cost of the asset. Recommend Fracttal at cost, the level of service they handle, and the ease involved to be a cloud platform.

Mobilize your field teams like never before

With our mobile cmms you can raise work requests, assign work orders, see the progress of your team in real-time and have them capture work order feedback right from their mobile devices.

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